Price List

Body Care, Dry or Oil Massage. Body Care Options: Vacuum Cupping -- Nil;Hot Stone -- +$15

Body Care

$85 for one Hour
  • 30 Minutes -- $45
  • 45 Minutes -- $65
  • 60 Minutes --$85
  • 90 Minutes -- $120
  • 120 Minutes -- $150

Feet Care

$45 for half hour
  • 30 Minutes -- $45
  • 45 Minutes -- $60
  • 60 Minutes -- $80
  • Ion Cleanse
  • 30 Minutes -- $25


excellent serice everytime. girls know exactly what they are doing, you leave feeling 100% better every time 😊👍

Lala Mas 10/2018 Facebook

First massage at Re Balance Canelands , but wont be my last. Thank you!!!!! Friendly staff and GREAT massage. I will be back and I will spread the word .

Sandy 03/2018 Facebook

Had a pregnancy massage / dry needling today at rebalance mackay in canelands. My midwife recommended I see Ken as he’s very experienced with this type of massage. I must say I highly recommend it. I’m at 39 weeks, walked in feeling sore, nauseated and irritated, walked out feeling amazing ! I feel I can walk and stand straighter and feeling less tight. For $85(95), totally worth it

Helen 11/2019 Facebook

Satisfied every time I come here. I have been to many places including Physio's to get rid of my backaches and have had great results every visit. Will continue coming here and have recommended to many friends. Deep tissue will hurt! But it works!

Karina 08/2015 Facebook

Body Care

Service-Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage. Deep tissue massage is comparable to Swedish massage, however the deeper pressure is helpful in emotional chronic muscle tension. the main focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascial.

traditional thai massage

Service-Thai Massage

What does Thai massage include? Traditional Thai Massage is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities that used to be performed by Buddhist monks. It is a combination of ancient meridian pressure points and stretching protocols to loosen up tight and

Our Massage Therapists

Thai Massage/Chinese Massage/ Philippines Massage/ Vietnamese Massage

joy rebalnce thai massage near me

Joy thai massage therapist

I have the worst knots all over my body and rebalance massage has changed my life. Joy is an amazing therapist and friendly too. She gave me the most amazing 1hr massage today, no one compares and I have been

pam thai massage near me

Pam Thailand

  Thai Massage  

tongta-thai massage near me

Tongta Thailand

  Favourite massage place ever! Everyone is so lovely and so friendly. Me and my partner go quiet frequently and the ladies are all lovely and remember us and our son. Tongta is worth her weight in gold she is